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Sydney is not only Australia’s largest city, but it is also home to some of this country’s most identifiable landmarks, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You could say that Sydney is also home to the stereotypical sun, sand and surf Australian lifestyle, with it’s warmer climate and beautiful beaches such as Bondi and Manly.

Without a doubt, Sydney’s most prized asset is the Sydney Harbour. Whilst in this beautiful city, it is highly recommended that you at least catch one of Sydney’s harbour ferry. For many locals this is a daily form of public transport. If you catch the Manly Ferry from Circular Quay you will be treated with a tour of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. For a more tourist experience, there are numerous Ferry Tour companies who offer a scenic cruise of the harbour accompanied with commentary.

In recent years, the Sydney Harbour bridge has started offering the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. This has become quite popular with the more daring visitors as it offers spectacular views across Sydney from the top of this Iconic Landmark. It can be rather pricey, and the preparation can mean that this experience will take up a significant chunk of your day, however the experience is well worth it.

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Toll Roads in Sydney

Driving in Sydney can be rather costly given the complex network of toll road systems. Some toll roads will have manned booths which accept cash, others are unmanned so you will require the exact change but most are operated electronically. The easiest way to travel on Sydney’s toll roads whilst avoiding an infringement is to purchase an electronic pass.

Some car rental companies will charge you a considerable processing fee if you do not pay for your own tolls. So it is recommended that you purchase passes in advance.

Day trips and Getaways

There are a many places to go on a day trip or getaway outside the Sydney City area. Two hours drive away is the Hunter Valley, a well known wine district with marvelous scenery and spectacular wines. Here you can join one of many winery tours and buy local wines at cellar door prices. If you plan to stay the night, there are many accommodation options.

The Blue Mountains are a couple of hours drive from the center of Sydney’s CBD. One of the most popular destinations in the Blue Mountain’s is Katoomba. Here you will find a variety of Accommodation options from Old Fashioned hotels to Bed and breakfasts. The Mountain’s themselves cannot be missed, with very unique and spectacular rock formations, and lots of options for short walks and hikes.